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This 400 hectare provincial park can be located south of Temagami just off Hwy 11 at the junction of Hwy 64. The park is nestled along the scenic Marten River offering all amenities such as showers, laundry facilities and flush toilets with 62 of the 190 campsites equipped with electrical access for trailers. Within the park is a 5km hiking trail as well as a short nature trail which travels through a previously logged area, but it is still lined with old-growth white pine and your able to stop at an old restored logging camp along the way to take in the sights, have your lunch or just have a rest before the journey back. As well as just hiking along you could be practicing the newly learned skills in basic map and compass reading in relation to a G.P.S. unit, in a one day practical training session that is offered through Temagami Wilderness Adventures by a certified G.P.S card holder. For the water enthusiasts picnic areas, sandy beaches and a boat launch located next to the river provides access to the beginning of a peaceful and relaxing canoe trip through the scenic and serene Marten River Loop.


The Marten River Loop is a 2 day canoe trip which makes for a great week-end getaway at a slow relaxed pace with very little difficulty along the route without numerous portages to cross over to access other lakes. This allows for you to travel from the Marten River to Marten Lake and portage over to Wicksteed Lake, where the route continues along to Bruce Lake before meeting up with Marten Lake again. This is a relatively easy canoe route with some potential for wind problems on the larger lakes, but the one portage of 2,400m(7,874ft) being the biggest challenge for the most part, the other portage is only 190m(623ft). With very little effort you’ll be able to experience the joys and pleasures of canoeing as well as enjoy a night or two of camping in between on one of these wonderful lakes. In the middle of Bruce and Wicksteed Lakes lays the Kenny Forest Provincial Nature Preserve, this 22,000 hectares of natural, pristine forest lies within an enormous tract of land called the Nipissing Crown Game Preserve. In this Nature Preserve which has become an important wildlife refuge no trace camping is permitted. The philosophy is “Leave nothing behind, but your footprints” at the any of the many rustic campsites that can be found along the shoreline of all three lakes. The active and wild shoreline of these three lakes has become home to many small mammals such as the beaver and muskrat and just maybe a majestic moose may be seen dining on some aquatic vegetation early one morning.


The Marten River/Wicksteed Loop is for the more adventuress and more experienced canoeist mainly due to the length of time it takes to complete 7-9 days. The route covers many rivers and large lakes with the wind posing a problem in those large bodies of water as well as over 20 portages, although, only one being over 500m (1,640ft). The loop travels in a counter clockwise direction from Marten River Provincial Park over several large lakes to Lake Temagami and on to return to the Temagami River with many easily located rustic campsites along the way. For a shorter canoe trip, camp out along the shores of Red Cedar Lake which is at the end of the picturesque Marten River Waterway.

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Let me guide you through the big pines of Temagami and Marten River!


Backpacking - Backpacking Camps provide your child with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover new interests. Finding the right Backpacking Camps for your child is as important as helping them find the right college! At My Summer Camps, our goal is to help parents find kids and teen summer camps in Ontario that will meet the needs of your child. The Beaver Mountain trails are part of a growing network of hiking and backpacking trails opening up in Temagami. Along with the Muir's book, trails are getting a boost from the new Nastawgan Trails group.

Birdwatching - Ontario offers you a wonderful opportunity to see some of Canada's most exceptional birds including geese, the Loon nesting with babies, as well as many different species of ducks, and so much more! Ontario's outfitters offer a full program of outdoor adventure, wildlife viewing, photography, art, culture, and eco-tours throughout the province. Multiple species allow hundreds of opportunities in most regions.

Camping - Camping Inn the woods can be a lot of fun, join us for a Canadian camping adventure in Marten River or Temagami's Backcountry, camping on remote campsites, which are only accessible by hiking trails or canoeing. Experience canoe camping in Temagami. Maple Mountain. Wilderness camping in the Temagami wilderness. Winter camping can be a wonderful experience if you plan properly.

Canoeing - Go canoeing with us in Temagami Marten River! Temagami region contains over 8,000 square kilometres of interconnecting canoe routes. If you have never been canoeing before, then canoeing with us could not be made easier. Whether you are an individual, family or group of friends and want to go canoeing, we can arrange everything for you. We supply all the equipment you require for your canoeing trip. Prior to your canoeing trip we will give you a short briefing and some tips. We have Canadian made canoes that can take up to 4 persons. If you own your canoe and would like to be part of a group canoeing with us, just bring it along. We have guided canoe trips, we also have canoes to rent so you can plan your own canoeing trip. The Marten River and Temagami waterways are a canoeing paradise! Canoeing Marten River and Temagami Inn The Woods. Ask us about our canoe tripping by calling 705-569-3870 in Temagami.

Crosscountry Skiing - Strap on your cross country ski’s in Temagami. Temagami Wilderness Adventures invites you to enjoy some cross country skiing with us this winter. Cross country Skiing, join us for some fun on the snow Inn The Woods of Marten River and Temagami. Thinking of improving your cross-country skiing skills or looking for a new winter sport on the snow? Come join us for lots of exciting cross-country ski activities in Temagami and Marten River. Come join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

Fishing - Ontario fishing at it's finest! This is all about wilderness fishing in Ontario Canada and planning a Canadian fishing trip to the back lakes of Temagami and Marten River areas in northern Ontario. Wilderness fishing in Ontario is the ultimate fishing adventure. We offer walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass and northern pike fishing in the beautiful lakes of northern Ontario's wilderness. Ontario is an angler's paradise and whether you are looking for a fly in fishing expedition to a wilderness area or a less ambitious fishing trip, we can help you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Icefishing - Ice fishing in Marten River and Temagami is a unique fishing experience. Guided Ice Fishing Adventures, enjoy the many opportunities available in the Temagami and Marten River areas for some great ice fishing. Winters in northern Ontario are cold and the ice is thick, offering great ice fishing opportunities for a variety of fish such as Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Splake and Lake Trout. Temagami Wilderness Adventures has all the equipment you need and will get you all set up with a shanty, heater, and gear so you will be all ready for your ice fishing adventure. We offer guided ice fishing adventures on some remote lakes, where there are good fishing spots that are not too difficult to reach. We know where the fish are biting and will help you plan a fun fishing adventure. Temagami Wilderness Adventures also offers special ice fishing trips near North Bay and Sudbury Ontario.

Interpretive Trails - TEMAGAMI - INTERPRETIVE TRAILS: “Interpretation is an educational activity which aims to reveal meanings and relationships through the use of original objects, firsthand experience, and by illustrative media, rather than to simply communicate factual information”. “Interpreting our Heritage” Tilden Freeman, 1957

Nature Photography - Wildlife Photography Tour - We provide wildlife photography tours in Temagami and Marten River area. Discover Canadian nature photography vacations for naturalists, photographers and the whole family.

Snowshoeing - Journey into a breathtaking winter wonderland with Temagami Wilderness Adventures. Snowshoeing is North America's fastest growing winter sport. Unlike many other winter sports, it is an inexpensive way to enjoy the outdoors. Some decent technical clothing, a pair of shoes and you are all set. It is a great aerobic workout and there is no better way to get yourself in touch with nature. During winter moose tend to gather together because of easy travel and access to food.

Wildlife Viewing - Enjoy wildlife viewing on your Canadian wilderness trip. Wildlife viewing opportunities for moose, bear and birds including eagles, Canadian loons, Canada geese and many species of duck abound. Ontario Wildlife Viewing and Photo Tours. Everywhere you go in Temagami and the Marten River area you will see wildlife. Look around you as travel through the country.

Wilderness Outfitting - Temagami Wilderness Adventures provides wilderness outfitting for backpacking, birdwatching, camping, canoe, cross country skiing, fishing, ice fishing, interpretive trails, nature photography snowshoeing, tripping and wildlife viewing, in northern Ontario Canada.

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